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All Walden Speed Shop parts are MADE IN THE USA
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We sell: Roof Inserts, Door Skins, Inner Door Braces, Cragar Blower Drive Components

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Does your coupe have a hole in it? How many trips to the salvage yard have you made hoping to find a donor? The search has ended. We are pleased to announce the availability of true custom fit roof insert panels! Each roof panel is made of 18 gauge steel, shaped on a Yoder Power Hammer and fitted to individually made fixtures to assure a perfect contour and excellent fit. We have sold over 1500 perfect panels to every state in the country and around the world, with many repeat customers. We are the original makers of these panels, and we continue to be the best!
» Download the pdf "How to Fill a Top"

Available for...
  • 1928-31 Model A Ford Coupe
  • 1932 Ford 3-window
  • 1932 Ford 5-window
  • 1932-34 Plymouth Coupe
  • 1933-34 Ford 3-window
  • 1933-34 Ford 5-window
  • 1935-36 Ford 3-window
  • 1935-36 Ford 5-window
  • 1932-35 Chevrolet Coupe
  • 1932 Ford Sedan
  • 1934-36 Ford Sedan
  • Model A Ford Sedan
NEW! Model A Pickup Roof Panels

1932-36 Ford Coupes, 1930-31 Ford Pickups & 1932-34 Plymouth Coupes - $495
Model A Ford & Chevy Coupes - $595
1932 Ford Sedan - $2800
1933-36 Ford Sedan - $2200
Model A Ford Sedan - $2800

Can you see the asphalt through the bottom of your doors? Walden Speed Shop Inc. has you covered – literally! Each of these panels is shaped by hand using a Yoder Power Hammer. An excellent original door was used to make a fixture for each panel, so all the factory shapes, contours, and details are duplicated. All doors are made of 19 gauge steel and are available with or without the belt line bead. We also now offer the door handle embossing on all '34 car doors and '32 3-windows for just $30 more. These are only available for door skins with the beltline bead.

Available for...
  • 1928–31 Model A Ford Coupe
  • 1928-31 Model A Ford Sedan
  • 1937-40 Ford Coupe
  • 1937-40 Ford Sedan
  • 1932 Ford 3-window
  • 1932 Ford 5-window
  • 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan
  • 1932-34 Ford Pickup
  • 1933-34 Ford 3-window
  • 1933-34 Ford 5-window
  • 1933-34 Ford Tudor Sedan
  • 1933-34 Ford Roadster
  • 1933-34 Cabriolet
  • 1935-36 Ford Coupe
  • 1935-36 Ford Sedan
  • 1935-36 Ford Pickup
Door Skins w/ NO Bead - $595
Door Skins w/ Bead - $695
Door Handle Stamping - $30


Finally the solution to door sag on 1932 3-window Coupes, 1933-34 3-window Coupes, and 1933-34 Tudor Sedans. The inner door braces connect the hinge pads to the front of the inner door frame effectively creating a box. Ford relied on the outer door skin to be a structural support of the door. Over time the door skin hem will loosen up causing the inner door frame to slip and the door to sag. Installing the inner door brace ties the front of the door to the hinge area for the ultimate in strength. The outer door skin just “rides” on the door frame. No sag, no drag! ***Please note - The inner door braces can only be installed if the outer door skin is removed.

Available for...
  • ’32 3-window Coupe
  • ’33-’34 3-window Coupe
  • ’33-’34 Tudor Sedans
$450 per pair


Walden Speed Shop is now offering all the components for the CRAGAR V-belt blower drives for the small block Chevy. As you know these drives have not been produced for decades and the parts are even more difficult to locate. All of the aluminum components are 6061 Billet aluminum CNC machined for detail and accuracy. The Billet aluminum is superior in strength and has all the details of the original. All of the components are interchangeable with the original Cragar drives. This means Walden Speed Shop can supply you with a complete drive kit OR with replacement parts for your original Cragar drives. » Download the flyer

Complete Drive Kit - $3500

Individual Components:

Snout - $800
  • Bearing
  • Seal
  • Retaining Clip
Blower Shaft - $220
  • Thick Washer
  • Expanding Lock Nut
  • Woodruff Key
Idler Arm - $425

Idler Arm Assembly - $600
  • Idler Arm
  • Pulley/Spring Plate
  • Idler Pulley Shaft
  • Tensioner Spring
Top Pulley - $250

Bottom Pulley - $250

Idler Pulley Assembly - $350
  • Bearings (2)
  • Retaining Rings (2)
Front Triangle - $220

Rear Cover - $450

***Please note - at this time we do not offer 471 blower manifolds***

1932 Ford Billet Stainless Steel Dovetails
Have you been using the “import” male dovetails on your doors? After you’ve closed the door a few times has the thin stamped stainless dovetail collapsed? Are your doors always out of adjustment and hard to close? Are the “import” dovetails too short to fully engage with the door jamb dovetail?

Then you’re in luck! Our new Walden Speed Shop billet stainless steel male dovetails solve all of these problems. The WSS dovetails are taller than all other dovetails. This allows for full contact and engagement with the door jamb dovetail. Full contact and engagement holds the door in the correct position. The full contact of the WSS dovetails allows the door to open and close with ease. The overall height of the dovetail can be customized to your doors by removing material from the dovetail top to tailor the dovetail for your application. Experience how the doors on your car are supposed to open and close!

As always…these and all Walden Speed Shop parts are made in the USA!

Available for...
  • 1932 Ford 3-window & 5-window Coupe
  • 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan
  • 1932 4-Door Sedan
$100 per pair

These hubs are direct replacements for the old iron Ford hubs. The hubs are made from 6061 T6 Billet and feature multi-lug patterns (5 ½”, 4 ¾”, 4 ½”) for your favorite wheel selection. The hubs also feature screw on dust covers and are complete with bearings, races, seals, and wheel studs. All of the machine work has been done to allow you to bolt Buick drums to your Ford spindles. Since 1999 these are the original Buick drum to Ford spindle hubs. These hubs are on owner Bobby Walden’s 1946 Ford Sedan with over 133,000 trouble-free miles! Our hotrod parts are hotrod tested tough!

$450 per pair

* Prices and terms are subject to change at any time. Prices listed do not reflect sales tax for CA residents OR the price of shipping. Please contact the shop direct to order.



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